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Q. How long does it take to set up?
A. Set up is automatic. You should be up and running in as little as five minutes!

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of forums I can have?
A. No, but we do require a unique email address for every forum we setup.

Q. Do I need a website?
A. No, the forum is hosted on our server, so you don't need to pay a hosting company. Email your friends with the address and chat online. (Note, we do not tolerate SPAM.)

Q. How do I link to my forum?
A. Place a link on your site like one of the following;

Q. Are there any restrictions on the type of content I can put on my forum?
A. We will not tolerate persons putting the following type of content on their forums; warez, pornography, crackz, serialz, etc. We will not tolerate links to such material either.

Q. How do I change the way my forum looks?
A. Login using the administrator username and password you received in your welcome email. A link to the admin options will appear after you login successfully.You will need your username and password a second time if "secure admin mode" is turned on..

Q. Can I have a forum without banners?
A. Yes, click "Upgrade" or contact us by email here.

Q. Do you give refunds?
A. Yes, we give refunds on a case by case basis. Refunds are at the discretion of the managemaent.